Year: 2015

New Office Location In New York City

With Success Breeds Growth! The Law Offices of Charles Kurmay announced today that they are opening a new office in New York City! Charles Kurmay, founder and principal attorney, has twenty years of legal experience and has successfully handled well over a thousand cases both in and out of court. Charles Kurmay and the firm’s

Elder Abuse: What Can Be Done

Elder Abuse is an epidemic in the United States and all over the world. Elders needing long-term care are perhaps the most vulnerable members of our society who should be given the greatest of care after having most honorably carried the torch the bulk of their lives, having successful careers, raising families and even serving

Being “Ch​u​mped” by the Insurance Company

Imagine, you were just in a car accident and in the days thereafter you’re pondering what to do about it….Make a claim, not make a claim. You may be thinking that you don’t want to be litigious but your back and neck are just screaming. You may not have a choice; there will be medical

Can I Trust My Living Trust?

The short answer is NO. What is commonly referred to as a “living trust” is a revocable trust, meaning the creator of the trust, the settler, can revoke it at any time. Irrevocable trusts certainly can avoid probate, but they also mean a substantial loss of control by the owner of the assets involved, and,

Connecticut State Law Estate Distribution Upon Death

Imagine you were on that AirAsia plane that crashed recently and you had no will. Let’s take a look at how things would go here in Connecticut, where state law–not you–dictates how your estate is divided up. The law pertaining to this is governed by Connecticut General Statutes, section 45a-437. You’ll see how differently things