Meet Ricardo Franco: A European Lawyer, Now of Counsel to the Firm!


Ricardo Franco and I became colleagues three years ago via our connection to the International Criminal Court (ICC). We met while in attendance at a seminar at the seat of the Court, in Den Haag, Holland. We are both members of the List of Counsel for the ICC, meaning that we can be appointed as counsel in cases being presented before the International Court. We are eligible to represent witnesses, defendants or victims (of which there are usually thousands in a single case.) Ricardo’s criminal law experience also includes practicing criminal military law in Brazil and Spain.

When the occasion arises, Ricardo and I refer international law cases to one another across the Atlantic. As a Spanish lawyer, Ricardo may represent clients in any European Union member country. He regularly works with clients to set up wills and estates all over Europe. In addition, he has assisted Brazilian citizens with immigration matters in Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Portugal.

I have referred matters to Ricardo involving international custody disputes, which are governed by the Hague Convention. Similarly, he has requested my assistance with some U.S. domestic issues. One such case pertained to the Mexican band, Trio Los Panchos, having an intellectual property dispute in Spain with our enforcing an American injunction in Spain.


In April 2015, Ricardo was kind enough to introduce me to Noam Chomsky, Professor Emeritus of Linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ricardo is a doctoral student on State Terrorism studying with Professor Chomsky.

I have admired Professor Chomsky’s work since college. During that time I read his many literary pieces on foreign policy and activism. It was an honor to have met him in person. We discussed issues concerning South America, and activism here and abroad. As part of our conversation I mentioned that Stratford, Connecticut is my hometown.

Professor Chomsky went on to share that he attended a Vietnam war demonstration in Stratford on April 17, 1972 in front of the Sikorsky helicopter factory. He and many other protesters were arrested for blocking the entrance of the factory as a display of civil disobedience. I found it amusing that he said, “Stratford was one of [his] favorite places to be arrested.”

I am so grateful that my colleague, Ricardo Franco, took the time to introduce me to Professor Noam Chomsky. It was truly an honor to speak with such an influential man. We have corresponded with Professor Chomsky since that time regarding activism and law.

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