Case Results

Case Results


Our firm has handled numerous estates, from the extremely small to the vast with various complexities. Such matters have encompassed various Medicaid issues, extremely contentious litigation involving both the probate and superior courts, along with complex tax issues. Our practice also includes conservatorships, guardianship and probate appeals. For an example of our work we have provided a copy of one our briefs and the courts decision in the estate of Arthur Devack.
• Will Contest Victory Estate of Arthur Devack

Estate planning and wills and trusts

We have successfully handled a myriad of estate plans, helping our clients navigate the treacherous waters of estate plans and dealing with everything from simple wills to complex trusts and other probate avoidance devices and appropriate asset structuring. We have also have the resources to assist families in Medicaid planning with the development of a strategy to preserve families’ wealth for future generations.

Criminal and civil rights

In these arenas, we have vigorously protected the statutory and constitutional rights of our clients. A sampling of our cases in these areas, include numerous acquittals, diversionary programs, not guilty verdicts, and reduced sentences in the most difficult of cases. A great civil rights success this firm handled was in the case of Abdus Shahid Muhammad v. The city of Bridgeport with a substantial verdict against a police officer. Read more about this case in the Connecticut Post.

Business law

We have helped form a substantial number of business structures, ranging from limited liability corporations to partnerships to professional corporations and the like. We have also handled disputes among corporate members with associated litigation.

Intellectual property

We handle matters pertaining to various forms of Intellectual property protection, registration and litigation through state and federal agencies and are prepared to assert those rights in state or federal court, if necessary. We have handled numerous of these suits throughout the years.

International law

Our firms founding member is actually a member of the only permanent international court for the addressing of international crimes committed by nation states and their members, from war crimes to genocide. Attached is attorney Kurmay’s membership certificate to the I.C.C. We also handle matters pertaining to international trade and have colleagues throughout the world who are ready to assist you in any matter you might have, whether it be civil or criminal or foreign or domestic.

Real estate

The firm has represented clients in countless real estate transactions, commercial and residential in both sales, purchases, leases and assignments of properties throughout the state.

Personal injury

We have handled countless personal injury cases throughout the firms existence and have collected extensive recoveries for clients. We have tried the most difficult cases to verdict, big and small while wisely knowing it is appropriate to settle a matter advantageously.